Our landscape rock installation can be used in flowerbeds, landscaping, walkways, patios, and drainage areas just to name a few. Rocks are available in a variety of sizes from small pebbles to large river rocks so you can choose what rock or combination of rocks works best for your application.

Some of our rock options:

  • Pebble Rocks
  • Brown River Rock
  • Granite Chips
  • Creek Stone
  • Limerock
  • Recycled Concrete
  • Red Volcano Rocks
  • Black Volcano Rocks
  • Salt & Pepper Granite
  • White Rocks
  • Washed Shell

Landscape rock delivery and installation from McFarlane's Lawn & Landscaping can transform your property into a beautiful unique place. Installing rocks in your landscape reduces ongoing maintenance when compared to mulch then needs to be replenished frequently. There are also other benefits including permanent color and they won't wash away with the rain.